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Accepted Poster proposals

Poster proposals accepted for ISIC 2018:
  • Eleonora Dubicki. A Tiered Approach to Information Literacy Instruction in Academic Libraries
  • Eeva-Liisa Eskola. Waiting and asylum seekers’ use of public libraries
  • Tali Gazit and Noa Aharony. WhatsApp Groups Managers Characteristics
  • Dorcas Ibinaiye and Ina Fourie. Consideration of Johnson’s comprehensive model of information seeking for a study of information provision for hepatitis B and C patients
  • Aleksandra Irnazarow, David Allen and Alison McKay. Collaborative information behaviour in engineering product development: an activity theory approach
  • Yu-Tzu Lin and Morten Hertzum. Information seeking by service designers: consulting peers versus documenting designs
  • Kevin Mai and Bhuva Narayan. Twitch.TV as Information Grounds: An Ethnographic Study
  • Itzelle Medina Perea, Jo Bates and Andrew Cox. The socio-cultural factors that influence the movement of personal data in the UK healthcare sector
  • Anika Meyer and Ina Fourie. Exploring the actions, thoughts and emotions of architecture students in their question-asking behaviour during creative design projects
  • Lyndsey Middleton, Hazel Hall, Robert Raeside and Laura Muir. How do we use information to help us learn to innovate in the workplace? A case study of a Scottish University
  • Yuhua Wang. Establishing a dynamic view on the factors that influence digital inclusion and information management among the elderly
  • Rebekah Willson. Information and uncertainty: Information practices of teaching and research staff on short-term contracts