Call for Papers


ISIC 2018 – The Information Conference

Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland, 9-11 October 2018

Call for Papers


ISIC 2018 is the twelfth ISIC conference. The ISIC conferences have a reputation for being an arena for discussing challenging work concerning people’s contextualised interactions with information of various kinds.


ISIC is multidisciplinary in scope: researchers from information science, information studies, library studies, communication studies, information management, education, management science, psychology, social psychology, sociology, STS, information systems, computer science, and other disciplines contribute to the research field. A common thread is the focus on contextualised information activities, expressed in different framings such as ‘information behaviour’, ‘information practice’, ‘information seeking’ ‘information experience’ and others.


ISIC 2018 intends to reflect and engage with the interdisciplinary character of information activities research and seeks to attract papers from all of these areas. ISIC is a conference for research papers exploring information as a rich site of study, going beyond the sole focus on technological aspects and exploring a wide variety of contexts. This legacy is borne out in the publication of the conference proceedings since the first conference in the series over 20 years ago.


Themes of the conference include, but are not limited to, the following:


  1. Theoretical conceptualizations of the cultural, social, cognitive, affective, and situational aspects of information needs, seeking, searching, use and sharing.
  2. Research approaches and methodologies employing and developing qualitative, quantitative and mixed method approaches.
  3. Specific contexts:  e.g. in different sectors and organisations (health care, education, cultural heritage, libraries, business, industry, the public services and government, the emergency services and others); in everyday life, and in social networks, including social media, gaming or virtual worlds.
  4. Collaborative information practices: communities, boundary spanning and innovation practices.
  5. Information use and value: meanings of information and how information is used to help solve problems, aid or support decision-making.
  6. Information metrics and analytics, social media and enterprise analytics.
  7. The role of information in building and enhancing the adaptive capacity of organisations: strategy and information absorption, transformation and integration.
  8. The mediation of information practice: how human or software agents (algorithms) can respond to and support information activities and the design of information delivery systems.
  9. Cross-disciplinary contributions: integrating studies on information seeking and interactive retrieval; integrating information science, management science and information systems.
  10. Critical investigations of information activities in contemporary society and of ethical challenges.


The ISIC conference is particularly interested in analytical rather than descriptive investigations.


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Paper Format


Full papers

The maximum length of a full paper is 5 500 words (excluding the list of references). Full paper submissions must describe original and unpublished work. The full paper should be prepared by following the author guidelines ( and submitted for review on the template provided by the organisers in .doc format.


Short papers

ISIC2018 also solicits short papers. Similar to full papers, short paper submissions must describe original and unpublished work. Please note that a short paper is not a shortened long paper. Instead short papers should have a point that can be made in a few pages. Characteristics of short papers include:

  • A small, focused contribution
  • Work in progress

The maximum length of a short paper is 2 000 words (excluding the list of references). The short paper should be prepared by following the author guidelines ( and submitted for review on the template provided by the organisers in .doc format.


Poster presentation

Posters provide an opportunity for an informal presentation featuring “give and take” with conference attendees. Presenting a poster is also a good way in which to discuss and receive feedback on a work in progress that has not been fully developed into a paper. The topic of a poster presentation is not limited. However, the topic should be relevant to the themes of the conference specified above.

Poster presentations at ISIC2018 will be competitive and if your proposal is accepted, your poster will be displayed in a poster session during the conference. You will be expected to present your poster at that time. At least one author for each accepted poster must register for and attend the conference.

The format for a poster proposal should follow the guidelines:



We invite proposals for Workshops to be held at the ISIC2018 Conference. All proposals should be submitted by e-mail to the ISIC2018 Conference Organisation Office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) as a .doc document, no later than January 15, 2018. Please follow the guidelines for Workshop proposals (


Paper presentation

Paper presentation format in the conference includes 30 minutes for full papers and 20 minutes for short papers.


Conference proceedings

Full and short papers presented in the conference will be considered for publication in Information Research –   a peer-reviewed international electronic journal ( For more information click here.


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